Crab Cakes

My daughter requests this meal for her birthday EVERY YEAR. These delicious crab cakes from Ina Garten can be made mini for appetizers or larger for a meal. Here they are served as a meal with Ina’s coleslaw and my grilled corn on the cob.

The crab cake recipe is located HERE. It’s a lot of vegetable chopping, but it’s worth it! I love that the recipe only calls for 1/2 pound of crab meat, since Dungeness crab is currently $45 per pound at my grocery store. If you are catching crab in the wild or buying whole, 1 whole Dungeness crab has almost 1/2 pound meat. You can of course use any type of crab meat. I double the recipe to serve 6 adults for a meal. You can also eliminate the butter and use just olive oil,… they will still taste amazing, but the crab cakes won’t brown as much.

The coleslaw recipe is located HERE. I half the dressing, and I still have too much! I have made it with all types of mayo including vegan (olive oil based) and regular. My favorite brand is Spectrum. I also didn’t add the grated carrots in the version pictured above, because I ran out of time. It is delicious with the carrots. I coarsely chop the vegetables, but you could also shred in a food processor as displayed in Ina’s pics.

For the corn, I grill it in the husks, silks and all. I just cut off the loose tips and any flyaway husks, or they may catch on fire. I roll them around on the hot grill for about 5 minutes a side for 10-15 minutes total depending on how hot the grill is. Let cool for a few minutes, and the husks and silks peel away easily. You can grill them on the upper shelf on the grill, or directly on the main grates.


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