Giada’s Spicy Linguine with Clams and Mussels

This recipe is wonderful… definitely good enough for guests.  Quick and easy, and your kitchen will smell AMAZING.  I didn’t consider it spicy at all and I’m sensitive to spice.  Both of my children also ate it, and we all thought it was very mild.  If you would like it spicier, you could add more crushed red pepper and garlic.  It is delicious as-is, but I would add more shellfish… One serving of mussels and/or small clams is typically 9 total.  As written this recipe will give each person 4-6.  I would do at least 18 clams and 18 mussels, possibly 24 of each if you have big eaters!  One pound of pasta as the recipe is written is plenty.

Sustainably “farmed” clams and mussels are healthy and good for the environment.  (It is illegal to sell wild clams and mussels.)  You can find sustainably farmed clams and mussels at places like Whole Foods and good fish markets.  They are surprisingly inexpensive, our clams were $5/lb and mussels were $4/lb.

My daughter says this “smells like the ocean and tastes like chicken”.

Click Here for the Recipe


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