Barefoot Contessa Turkey Lasagna

Turkey Lasagna from Ina Garten's Family Style Cookbook

This is my new stand by family lasagna recipe – very good and very easy (for lasagna).  It is a classic lasagna made with turkey sausage – the basil, goat cheese, parmesan and fresh mozzarella give it great flavor.  I used all sweet italian sausage, which made it very kid friendly (not too spicy).  If you want more spice, you substitute some or all of the sweet sausage with spicy sausage.  This would freeze well, and it is definitely good enough to serve/give to guests/friends.


  • This recipe is from a really wonderful cookbook, in which every single recipe is great (and a little indulgent): Barefoot Contessa Family Style.
  • All of Ina Garten’s recipes use kosher salt, so cut the salt in half if you use regular table salt.


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