*FAVORITE* Peanut Butter Cookies with Blackberry Jam

Peanut Butter Cookies with Blackberry Jam

WOW – These are delicious and HUGE!!!  Far exceeded my expectations for what is basically a PB&J cookie.  Even better, softer, gooier the next day.  Great to serve full size at a book club or other adult function… I would make them smaller (about half the size) if serving to kids.  These are apparently Giada’s favorite cookie.


  • I used Adam’s Organic Natural Peanut Butter and Bionature Organic Blackberry Jam.
  • I also didn’t have unsweetened cocoa powder, so I used Starbucks Hot Cocoa powder filtered through a fine sieve to filter out the sugar crystals.
  • I ended up baking these full size for 13 minutes (recipe calls for 11-14 minutes).  Less for half size – as soon as they flatten and crack they are done.

Here is the recipe:



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